IAS Unique Homes, Properties Receives Glowing Praises From Community Leaders

 Aminat Gusanu

In a commendable display of community transformation, the Village Head of Agbosese, Sunday Sonde, has lauded the remarkable contributions of  IAS Unique homes and Properties in turning around the village’s fortunes. 

Speaking at during the annual endof year party of the  community, Sonde expressed gratitude for the positive changes brought about by the real estate company.

Sonde urged residents to patronize IAS, describing the company as honest and straightforward. He added, “I want to advise the people to patronize IAS in whatever he is doing. He is an honest and straight forward person.”

The village head said “IAS Unique Homes and Properties has significantly revitalized this area, implementing substantial transformations to address longstanding issues.

“One prevalent challenge we faced was flooding, and IAS played a pivotal role in finding effective solutions.

“Thanks to these efforts, the road is now accessible for vehicles, marking a tangible improvement in the local infrastructure.

“I strongly recommend that people support IAS in their endeavours. The company is led by an honest and straightforward individual.”

Also speaking at th event, Salau Yahyah Oluwaseun, the Chairman of Temidire Community, said the community is  celebrating  two years of positive collaboration with IAS. 

Oluwaseun acknowledged the company’s significant contributions, particularly in providing genuine land without conflicts with governmental or local authorities.

He said “IAS has made noteworthy contributions to Temidire Community, particularly in providing genuine land without encountering issues with governmental or local authorities. We genuinely appreciate their commitment.

“All the allocated land has remained free from disturbances, reinforcing our gratitude towards IAS.

“Our appreciation extends, and we anticipate continuing to value the positive impact of IAS indefinitely.

“I want to broadcast to the world that IAS is a trustworthy company. I give IAS my 100 percent assurance that patronizing them will be a decision without regrets.

“From the chairman to the members, everyone at IAS is accommodating, adopting a customer-centric approach.

“I want to emphasize to the world that IAS operates with honesty, and anyone engaging in business with them will not be disappointed.

“The chairman’s integrity became evident when I purchased my land, assuring me of a hassle-free experience with no concerns about land grabbers.

“I hold great admiration for the chairman; his words translate into reality. When I acquired my land, he assured me of a trouble-free relationship with the Baale and protection from land grabbers, a commitment that proved to be true.”


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