Imo State Election Plunged Into Chaos As Gunmen Seize Cash from Vote Buyers Despite EFCC Warnings

Imo State Election Plunged Into Chaos As 

Gunmen Seize Cash from Vote Buyers Despite EFCC Warnings


Daud Olatunji 

In a startling turn of events during the Imo State governorship election, unknown gunmen wreaked havoc by seizing a staggering N1.5 million in cash from vote buyers operating at the All Saints Anglican Cathedral. 

This daring act occurred despite prior warnings from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) regarding the crackdown on such illicit activities.

Eyewitnesses revealed that around a dozen armed individuals stormed the four polling stations within the cathedral, creating chaos by firing sporadically into the air, instilling fear and causing the immediate retreat of both law enforcement officers and election supervisory personnel from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The gunmen, in a dramatic display, proceeded to confiscate the cash from the vote buyers, who were reportedly distributing money openly to influence the voting process.

 This audacious move added another layer of complexity and controversy to an already contentious election.

Despite the high-profile incident, the political affiliations or parties associated with the vote-buying activities have yet to be conclusively identified, leaving the situation ripe for further investigation and potential political fallout.

This act of brazen violence and interference in the electoral process highlights the extent of the challenges faced in maintaining the integrity of elections, raising serious concerns about the security and transparency of the democratic process in Imo State. 

The authorities are expected to launch a rigorous inquiry into this incident to prevent such flagrant disruptions in future elections.


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