Improved Security Under President Tinubu: Farmers Return To Fields

In a remarkable turn of events, the Coalition for Peace, a non-governmental organization, has showered praise on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu for their contributions to the nation’s improved security landscape. 


The coalition attributes this positive change to the cooperative and harmonious efforts of government agencies, which have pushed terrorists and criminals onto the defensive, resulting in their capture and elimination.


This newfound security has instilled a renewed sense of confidence in farmers, prompting them to return to their fields during this rainy season to plant crops.


 In stark contrast, the previous farming season was marred by insecurity, with farmers and vulnerable communities suffering from killings, kidnappings, and assaults during the past administration.


In a statement released by the coalition’s President, Malam Adamu Haruna, and Secretary, Jonah Michael Simon, they commended the swift response of security agents to distress calls and their effective utilization of intelligence reports to thwart criminal activities. 


They emphasized that inter-agency cooperation has undeniably bolstered security nationwide, crediting President Tinubu and the National Security Adviser for their roles in achieving this.


The coalition declared, “The return of farmers to their fields is a testament to their confidence in the government’s prompt response to security threats, significantly reducing security challenges.” 


They highlighted recent revelations about the substantial number of terrorists eliminated during President Tinubu’s tenure, underscoring the government’s dedication to tackling insecurity through interagency collaboration.


Furthermore, the coalition noted the increased security measures at the nation’s borders, which have played a pivotal role in reducing kidnappings in the North-West and North-East regions of the country. 


They called on security agents to maintain their vigilance, assuring that Nigerians would continue to offer unwavering support and encouragement if the current positive trend in security continues.

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