Initiate Talks With  Yoruba Nation Agitators, Ogun Monarch Urges Tinubu

In a bid to address the escalating agitation for the creation of a Yoruba nation, the Eselu of Iselu, Oba Akintunde Akinyemi, has called upon President Bola Tinubu to spearhead peace talks with the agitators. 

Speaking during his birthday ceremony attended by 146 traditional rulers in Abeokuta, Ogun State, the monarch stressed the urgency of engaging in dialogue to foster lasting peace in the region.

Oba Akintunde  stressed  the importance of tempering justice with mercy, cautioning that harsh actions could exacerbate tensions. 

His words “On the Yoruba nation agitators, I want the president to Imbibe the rule of engagement where he will call everybody to a round table. 

“We don’t have to use machine guns, these people are our people, they are our subject, the President should call all of them together,  we work in modalities, we will tell them our manifestos and they will understand that president Tinubu means good for the country and south west in particular.” 

 He urged President Tinubu to convene a roundtable discussion where manifestos could be exchanged, fostering understanding and cooperation.

Furthermore, the monarch expressed scepticism about the feasibility of implementing state police in Nigeria at this juncture. 

He argued that the country’s democracy must mature before considering such a move, citing issues of transparency, equity, and accountability. 

Oba Akintunde stressed  the need for adequate financing and insurance for the existing police force before contemplating decentralisation.

“In Nigeria today, if you are an APC and the governor is PDP, police will act to the instruction of the governor,” he lamented, highlighting the challenges of partisan influence in law enforcement.

 “Let us talk about stable electricity because this is a computer age,” he added, underscoring the importance of addressing fundamental infrastructural issues before advancing discussions on policing systems.

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