Insurance Leaders To Fuel Innovation, Foster Inclusion In Insurance Sector

Leaders from the insurance industry are set to embark on a journey of innovation and inclusion as they convene at this year’s Dive In Festival. 

The festival, renowned for championing diversity and equity within the insurance sector, will take place globally in September, with the central theme for 2023 being ‘Unlocking innovation: The power of inclusion.’

In Nigeria, the festival, themed ‘Driving innovation in insurance,’ will galvanize professionals across the commercial and operational realms of the insurance industry. 

The goal is to inspire transformative change, nurturing a culture of greater inclusivity and innovation.

Notably, this year’s festival introduces a pioneering reverse mentoring program designed to promote cross-level diversity, equity, and inclusion engagement. 

Organizers state that this initiative, occurring after the three-day festival, seeks to bridge connections between leaders from various segments of the Lloyd’s market and individuals at all organizational levels.

 Its aim is to encourage the exchange of experiences, perspectives, and knowledge that extends well beyond the festival’s duration.

Mary Alade, Chief Strategy Officer at AON Reinsurance Solutions, emphasized the imperative for the insurance industry to adapt in response to unprecedented global economic shifts. 

She noted that the festival provides a unique opportunity for employers to leverage diverse perspectives, drive innovation, offer comprehensive coverage, ensure equitable access to insurance, and stimulate sector growth.

Alade remarked, “The Dive In Festival has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian insurance sector. Local leaders aren’t just advocating for change; they’re embodying it. Through engaging insurance leaders in crucial discussions on cultural diversity and inclusion, we’ve witnessed tangible improvements year after year.

 Dive In’s dedication, from research to advocacy campaigns, is evident, and the response from corporate leaders indicates that they are listening.”

This year’s festival will once again combine virtual and physical events, transcending geographical boundaries and enabling a robust global dialogue centered on diversity, equity, inclusion, and innovation. 

The 2022 Dive In Festival featured over 500 speakers who explored a wide array of topics, ranging from mental well-being to disabilities.

Mark Lomas, Head of Culture at Lloyd’s, expressed pride in witnessing the continuous progress of inclusive cultures within the industry, highlighting the importance of events like Dive In in fostering positive change.

As industry leaders converge for the Dive In Festival, all eyes are on the transformative discussions and initiatives that will shape the future of the insurance sector, making it more innovative, inclusive, and responsive to the evolving global landscape.

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