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INVESTIGATION : Abiodun Budgets N1.3 Trillion, Spent N530.8 Billion On Capital Projects In Five Years

As Makinde Expended N256.92bn, Budgets N423.41bn  on Projects

Daud Olatunji &  Enoch Oyedibu


Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, has spent a substantial sum of N530.8 billion on capital projects, including roads, schools, hospitals, among others, out of N1.3 trillion budgeted in five years.

 Abiodun, who became the executive governor of the state in 2019, has spent five years in office out of his constitutionally stipulated eight-year term.

PLATFORM TIMES’ investigation revealed that despite the significant amount of money budgeted for road construction and other projects between 2019 and 2023, only N530.8 billion was funded for these projects. 

An investigative report by PLATFORM TIMES uncovers that despite the monumental budgets earmarked for infrastructure from 2019 to 2023, only N530.8 billion worth of projects have been actualized. 

Data obtained from the Ogun state portal, www.openstates.com, showed that while the state government budgeted N231,507,328,788 for capital projects in 2019, the state could only execute capital projects worth N35,418,281,381.

In 2019, the state allocated N231.5 billion for capital projects but managed to implement only N35.4 billion worth. 

The following year, 2020, saw N280.9 billion earmarked, with actual expenditure on capital projects reaching N129.3 billion.

The pattern continued in 2021, with a budget of N338.6 billion contrasted by a real expenditure of N214.2 billion.

 In 2022, the state earmarked N197.6 billion, successfully disbursing N113.7 billion on capital projects. For the first half of 2023, out of a projected N269.6 billion, only N38.2 billion was spent.

Cumulatively, over five years, Abiodun’s administration has executed  40.26% of the total budgeted capital funds.

 According to the state government, the capital projects are divided into nine segments: General Public Service, Economic Affairs, Environmental Protection, Housing, Community Amenities, Health, Recreation, Culture and Religion, Education, and Social Protection.

PLATFORM TIMES’ investigation further revealed that under General Public Service, projects like government houses, offices, liaison offices in Abuja and Lagos, among others, were included.

….Makinde Expended N256.92bn In 5 Years Out Of N718.11bn Cumulative  Budgets

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has led the state to spend a whopping sum of N256.92bn on its capital expenditure, covering roads, schools, health, security, and logistics purchases. 

The capital expenditure also included the purchase of cars and other vehicular activities.

The capital expenditure, when estimated, is barely half of the state’s initial budget of N718.1bn over five years.

 The budget is, by and large, above the capacity of the state as Governor Makinde could only lead the state to fund N256.92bn out of the budget. 

The total expenses for the years were nearly equivalent to the state’s budget in 2024.

Data from the state’s accountant-general’s audited financial reports  cataloged that the Oyo State Government, covering the expenses of the government in the use of public funds to procure benefits for public consumption, spent N256.92bn over five years.

However, this does not outweigh the state’s overhead and personnel costs.

Governor Makinde was elected in 2019 as the 6th governor of the state since 1999 and has spent five years in office out of his eight-year administration. 

An investigation by PLATFORM TIMES uncovered that from 2020 to 2023, Governor Makinde budgeted N718.1bn but was only able to spend N256.92bn.

Since Makinde has been elected, he has never shied away from over-budgeting and under-delivery.

 In 2020, N21.28 billion was spent on capital expenditure out of an initial budget of N65.18 billion, which was more than a 50 percent difference.

 A similar scenario played out in 2021, where a sum of 60.37 billion Naira was spent, but N175.47 billion  was budgeted.

In 2022, N47.98 billion  was spent, yet N294.70 billion  was budgeted.

Likewise, in 2023, N127.30 billion  was spent, but N182.76 billion  was budgeted.

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