Jonathan’s Emotional Revelation: “I Would Have Relocated My Mother If Diri Had Lost”

Daud Olatunji

 Former President Goodluck Jonathan, in a heartfelt disclosure, revealed that he would have relocated his mother to Abuja if Governor Douye Diri had lost the recently concluded Bayelsa election.

This emotional admission came during Jonathan’s visit to Diri in Yenagoa, almost a week after the governor secured a decisive victory in a closely watched poll.

Jonathan, a former governor of the oil-rich state, commended Governor Diri’s dedication to addressing insecurity, asserting that Diri’s re-election bodes well for the state’s safety.

Speaking at the gathering, Jonathan underscored the potential consequences of an alternate election outcome, stating, “If Diri had lost, the gains made in curbing insecurity would have been lost. We don’t want unnecessary crisis in the state.”

Congratulating Diri on his electoral triumph, Jonathan urged unity and acceptance of the declared results.

“We believe the governor won the election, and we plead that people should accept it and work with the governor. Let all of us support him so that the state will move ahead,” he emphasized.

Reflecting on the progress in peace and security over the past three years, Jonathan highlighted significant improvements in combating cultism and kidnapping.

He emphasized the need to prioritize the state’s development and cautioned against anything that might hinder progress.

The former president’s poignant revelation about relocating his mother to Abuja if Diri had lost underscored the personal stake he had in the election outcome.

Recounting the tragic kidnapping and death of his cousin, Jonathan expressed optimism that with Diri’s continued leadership, the state would overcome its challenges.

“My cousin was kidnapped two times, and on one of those occasions, Solo was killed because they threw him into the river, and he didn’t know how to swim,” Jonathan shared, revealing the harrowing experiences his family faced due to insecurity in the state.

He urged the people to allow Diri to focus on governance, emphasizing the positive trajectory Bayelsa had witnessed.

Governor Diri, having received his certificate of return from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) earlier in the day, is poised to embark on a second term in office.

The emotional resonance of Jonathan’s statements highlighted the significance of the election outcome and the hope for a brighter, more secure future for Bayelsa under Diri’s leadership.

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