Journalist’s Harrowing Tale: Abducted By Dismissed Soldiers After Leaving Aso Rock

In a shocking turn of events, a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) correspondent, tasked with covering the Presidential Villa in Abuja, recounts a terrifying abduction by gunmen who identified themselves as dismissed soldiers.

The journalist, still haunted by the traumatic experience, reveals the harrowing details of the incident that unfolded after mistakenly boarding the wrong vehicle at the Federal Secretariat in Abuja.

On the fateful day, after completing an assignment at the Presidential Villa, the journalist, along with a cameraman, accepted a ride offered by a director from the Villa. Little did they know that this decision would plunge them into a nightmarish ordeal.

Navigating through the suburbs and aiming to reach the Finance junction, where the journalist needed to board a vehicle to Dantata bridge, the atmosphere shifted when the correspondent became wary of the potential dangers posed by the unfamiliar vehicle.

Despite careful consideration, the situation took a dire turn as a passenger in military attire revealed a gun, initiating a terrifying abduction.

The dismissed soldiers, claiming to have been forced into criminality by the country’s situation, subjected the journalist to a series of threats and demanded a ransom from his family.

Despite the fear and confusion, the journalist displayed remarkable resilience, maintaining his faith and refusing to betray his beliefs even at gunpoint.

The assailants, robbing the journalist of valuables and withdrawing funds from his account, eventually released him, citing reasons related to his unwavering confidence in God and his role in praying for others.

The journalist, dropped off in an unfamiliar part of Abuja, expressed deep gratitude for surviving the ordeal, but the emotional scars continue to affect his daily life.

This shocking incident raises concerns about the security challenges faced by journalists and civilians in the nation’s capital, shedding light on the plight of those who become unintended victims of criminal acts.

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