Kaduna Gov. Reduces Varsity’s Fees

In a move that marks a stark departure from the policies of his predecessor, Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani has made a landmark announcement, revealing substantial reductions in school fees across various levels of education within the state.

Governor Sani announced a noteworthy 50 percent reduction in school fees for the State university and a commendable 30 percent reduction for the polytechnic and other higher institutions.

The decision to cut down the fees, which comes as a stark contrast to the previous administration’s policy of 100 percent fee increases in government-owned higher institutions, was unveiled by Governor Sani during a press conference.

The governor’s address highlighted the commitment of his administration to foster a people-centric approach to governance, striving for inclusivity and equitable development that leaves no segment of the state’s population behind.

“In furtherance of this commitment, we have taken steps to provide succour to the poor, underserved and vulnerable in Kaduna State,” Governor Sani emphasized.

He alluded to his first Executive Order on Financial Inclusion, aimed at bridging the gap for about 2.1 million marginalized individuals in the state, allowing them to benefit from both state and federal government social intervention programs.

Governor Sani outlined the significance of Human Capital Development as a foundational pillar of his administration’s agenda, underlining that a well-educated and healthy populace forms the bedrock of a strong society and a flourishing economy.

In line with this principle, the administration has prioritized access to education for children and youths in Kaduna State.

Responding to widespread concerns about the existing fee structure in tertiary institutions, Governor Sani explained that the decision to review the fees downwards was driven by the administration’s commitment to promoting access to quality education.

The outcome of an assessment conducted by Heads of Tertiary Institutions, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, highlighted that the existing fees were burdensome and had resulted in declining student enrollments.

To reverse this negative trend, Governor Sani stated, “It is imperative that a competitive fees model should be adopted in our tertiary institutions.” He stressed that the revised fees were formulated to align with current economic realities and to ensure that quality education remains accessible to all.

This reduction in fees aligns with the administration’s broader objectives, including mitigating the effects of the rising cost of living in the aftermath of the recent removal of petroleum subsidies in Nigeria. Governor Sani assured the public that the welfare of the people remains the top priority of his administration, reaffirming the commitment to provide free and high-quality education from primary to secondary school levels, expand access to higher education, improve teacher welfare and standards, enhance school infrastructure, and promote technical and vocational education.

Governor Uba Sani’s announcement marks a significant stride towards creating a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape in Kaduna State, aiming to empower students and secure a brighter future for the region.

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