Kano Elders Caution Politicians Against Inflammatory Remarks Amidst Economic Hardship

In response to the escalating tensions fueled by provocative statements from politicians and individuals, The Patriotic Elders for Peace and Unity in Kano State convened an emergency meeting to address the issue.

Expressing deep concern, Bature Abdulaziz, the president of the forum, condemned the actions of some politicians who, in the face of unintended hardships caused by government policies, were making comments that could potentially lead to civil unrest.

Abdulaziz highlighted the need for unity during these challenging times, emphasizing that certain politicians seemed determined to plunge the nation into chaos or, at the very least, sow confusion.

 He urged Nigerians to be wary of those who do not have the country’s best interests at heart.

Questioning the motives behind inflammatory comments, Abdulaziz drew attention to the global recession and noted that even in other countries facing economic challenges, opposition politicians offer constructive solutions instead of exacerbating tensions.

In a call for patriotism, Abdulaziz urged Nigerian politicians to emulate their global counterparts and collaborate in finding solutions to the ongoing economic hardships.

 He emphasized the importance of a collective effort involving the government, citizens, and every patriotic individual.

Looking ahead, Abdulaziz announced plans to meet with the president to provide constructive advice rather than resorting to mere criticism. 

The elders stressed the significance of offering viable solutions to tackle the prevailing economic difficulties, emphasizing the need for a united front to navigate these trying times.

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