Kano Governor Swears-In First Female Chief Judge, Justice Dije Abdu Aboki

The Governor of Kano  state,Kabir Yusuf, on Monday, administered the oath of office to the first female Chief  Judge in the state, Justice Dije Abdu Aboki.


 The Governor, during the swearing in emphasised the importance of a cooperative and synergistic relationship among the branches of government.


During the swearing-in ceremony, he highlighted the historic significance of the day, the governor stressed the necessity of unity between the Judiciary and the Legislature for the seamless delivery of democratic dividends to the citizens. 


 “Today, the first female Chief Judge in Kano is sworn-in, making this a very special day in the history of our dear state.”


Governor Yusuf emphasized that the three arms of government – the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature – are not designed to compete with each other, but rather to collaborate and complement one another in the pursuit of the state’s development. 


He encouraged an open and constructive working relationship, asserting, “Do not see the Executive arm of government as a rival? We are not your rival, we are friends and partners in the development of the state.”


Affirming his commitment to support the judiciary, Governor Yusuf assured the completion of abandoned and ongoing projects within the judiciary sector. 


He extended his felicitations to Justice Dije Aboki for her well-deserved appointment and encouraged her to initiate reforms aimed at eradicating corruption within the state’s judiciary.


Governor Yusuf also called upon the judiciary to back his administration’s demolition policy, which seeks to recover public assets allegedly obtained unlawfully during the previous administration.


 He underlined that these actions were essential for the overall advancement of the state.


In her response, Justice Dije Aboki expressed her gratitude to Governor Yusuf for entrusting her with the esteemed role of Chief Judge. 


She articulated her commitment to restoring the judiciary’s prestige and advancing justice delivery by making it more accessible and efficient for all citizens. 


Justice Aboki underscored the importance of a harmonious collaboration between the branches of government, asserting, “While each arm of government works independently, a good working relationship is necessary. 


This cordial relationship among us must continue to grow.”


Adding her voice to the momentous occasion, Justice Binta Nyako, the President of the International Association of Women Judges, conveyed her heartfelt congratulations to Justice Dije Aboki. 


Justice Nyako hailed the appointment as a transformative step forward in Kano’s judicial landscape, marking the commencement of a new era in the state’s judiciary.


The swearing-in of Justice Dije Abdu Aboki as Kano’s first female Chief Judge stands as a testament to the progress and evolution of gender equality and judicial reform in the region, signifying a monumental milestone in the state’s legal history.


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