Keke Rider Receives N250m, Scholarship Reward For Returning N15m In Kano

In a remarkable display of honesty and integrity, a 22-year-old tricycle rider, Auwalu, from Kano, has been bestowed with a life-changing N250 million scholarship and other educational benefits for returning N15 million left in his Keke by a passenger from Chad.

The incident, which occurred last year, gained attention when Auwalu, known locally as “Adi data sahu,” discovered the forgotten bag containing N15 million.

 The passenger, who had traveled from Chad to Kano for business purposes, inadvertently left the substantial sum in the commercial tricycle.

Prompted by news on the radio about the missing money, Auwalu took it upon himself to return the N15 million to its rightful owner, showcasing an act of honesty that would later receive widespread recognition.

Recently, at the Leadership Newspaper Awards and Conference in Abuja, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 election, Peter Obi, and his running mate, Baba-Ahmed Datti, commended Auwalu’s honesty.

 In a surprise announcement, they rewarded him with a comprehensive scholarship covering tuition, accommodation, and feeding at Baze University until his graduation.

During the event, where Peter Obi was honored as the Politician of the Outgone Year, he expressed confidence that additional support for Auwalu would come from others present. Governor Umar Bago of Niger State, who received the co-Governor of the Year award, stepped forward to amplify the recognition.

Governor Bago, referencing the prominent figures at the event, declared a N250 million scholarship for Auwalu. 

The generous scholarship was a collective effort, with contributions from the president, governors of the APC, ministers of the APC, Niger State government, and Governor Bago’s own family.

Auwalu, visibly moved by the unexpected reward, expressed gratitude and emphasized the positive impact this scholarship would have on his educational journey.

 This heartening story serves as a testament to the enduring value of honesty and community support.

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