Labour Party Chairman Arrested for Attempted Murder; Leaders Support Police

The Labour Party has cleared the air over the arrest of the factional national chairman, Julious Abure, saying, the party leader was arrested in connection with alleged  attempted murder on the life of the party’s National Leader, Comrade Eragbe Anselim. 

PLATFORM TIMES reports that Abure was arrested on Wednesday by police following the petition written by the party leadership over the attack of the National Youth leader a few weeks ago.

Dr. Abayomi Arabanbi, the National Publicity Secretary, addressed the media to shed light on the arrest and the serious charges against Abure.

Arabambi revealed that the party had been lodging complaints with the police about Abure’s conduct, accusing him of attempting to be above the law. 

The arrest, however, was specifically linked to the alleged orchestrated attempt on the life of Comrade Anselim, who was tasked with preparing the ground for the party’s delegate primaries.

“We must thank the Inspector General of Police who directed the authorities to effect his arrest,” Arabambi stated, expressing gratitude to law enforcement for their prompt action. 

He emphasized that Abure would face the full weight of the law for the attempted murder of the National Youth Leader and the subsequent theft and damage of his properties.

According to him,while Abure faces other charges, including alleged  embezzlement and fraud amounting to a staggering ₦3.2 billion, the attempted murder took precedence in his arrest. 

Arabambi confirmed that the Labour Party was appreciative of the efforts by the police, acknowledging the Inspector General and the Commissioner of Police in Edo state for coming to the party’s aid.

He added that upon Abure’s arrival in Abuja, additional charges may be filed against him, but the attempted murder case remains the primary reason for his arrest. 

Arabambi stressed the importance of the legal process, asserting that Abure must be held accountable for his actions.

In response to the police action, Arabanbi commended the Inspector General of Police, Egbetokun PHD, and the law enforcement officials in Edo state and AIG Zone 5 in Benin Edo state. 

He described their actions as “in order” and expressed relief that the timely intervention prevented a potential tragedy.

Arabambi concluded  by affirming the party’s continuity, citing Alhaji Faruq Lawal as the acting chairman and underscoring the commitment to let the law take its course. 

The Labour Party now faces a critical juncture as it navigates through internal challenges and legal proceedings against its former chairman.

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