Labour Party Hails Supreme Court Victory, Slams Obi For ‘Worst Election Petition In Nigeria’s History'”

Daud Olatunji

The Lamidi Apapa-led  Labour Party has expressed its jubilation over President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s recent Supreme Court victory, affirming his legitimacy as Nigeria’s leader. 

The party extended its hearty congratulations to Tinubu, lauding his  triumph as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Supreme Court’s decision effectively put to rest any lingering controversies stemming from the 2023 presidential and National Assembly elections. 

The Labour Party spokesperson, Abayomi Arabambi in a statement on behalf of the party,  expressed its hopes for President Tinubu to exhibit magnanimity in victory by inviting the party’s leadership as partners in progress, aiming to forge an all-inclusive government for the advancement of Nigeria.

The Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, despite a valiant effort, faced a tough defeat. 

The Labour Party, acknowledging his enduring relevance, congratulated Atiku-  for his unwavering commitment to Nigeria.

The party thanked the citizens of Nigeria for their role in maintaining peace and order throughout the electoral process, underscoring the importance of democracy and the rule of law.

The party said President Tinubu’s victory was not a mere stroke of luck but the result of a meticulously planned campaign. 

As a two-time Governor of Lagos State, he demonstrated unwavering determination and a focused approach towards his long-term goals.

The Labour Party was not shy in condemning Peter Obi and his legal teams, labeling their election petition as the “worst in Nigeria’s history.”

The party asserted that Obi’s actions were driven by over-ambition, wealth accumulation, and a desire to resurrect his business empire, ultimately at the expense of Nigerians.

The party accused Obi of orchestrating a fraudulent campaign, purposefully failing to upload crucial election data and field agents in many polling units to make money for himself and a select few. 

The Labour Party regretfully paid the price for this in the Supreme Court’s judgments.

Peter Obi’s behavior was characterized as selfish and hypocritical. 

His campaign was labeled as one of the worst in Nigeria’s history, with the party emphasizing the impact of his political disaster on the country’s impoverished citizens.

The Labour Party exposed Obi’s questionable ethics and financial impropriety, alleging that he diverted campaign funds, allowed individuals to run his campaigns under the guise of selflessness, and enriched his family and friends at the expense of donors.

The party lamented that it couldn’t detect the fraud when Peter Obi joined just days before the presidential primaries, leading to further discontent with his leadership.

The Labour Party demanded the arrest and prosecution of Julius Abure, who was accused of forgery, impersonation, and criminal conspiracies, as indicted by the Inspector General of Police.

Peter Obi was criticized for his divisive politics, disdain for several regions in Nigeria, and his open endorsement of PDP candidates in states where the Labour Party was not competitive.

The party called on all National Assembly members to accept government-provided SUVs and provide accountability for funds received.

The LP expressed that Peter Obi was not suitable to lead Nigeria, citing his various issues with identity fraud, certificate forgery, and inconsistency in certificates from primary school to university.

The party asserted that Peter Obi could not manage a political party, let alone the nation.

The Supreme Court’s judgment was celebrated for its impartiality and thoroughness. The court’s findings discredited Peter Obi’s election petition, emphasizing the importance of substantial evidence and adherence to legal timelines.

The LP praised the justices for their role in setting a template for Nigeria’s judicial jurisprudence, emphasizing the need for trust in the judicial system.

As the dust settles following the Supreme Court’s decision, the Labour Party encouraged Nigerians to focus on the greater good and to allow President Tinubu to lead without interference.

Warning Peter Obi, Julius Abure, and their associates to refrain from threats or attempts to destabilize the government, the LP emphasized that treasonable acts would be punishable by death.

The Labour Party expressed hope for a more unified and prosperous Nigeria under President Tinubu’s legitimate leadership, urging the nation to put aside tribalism and embrace the values of one people with one destiny.

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