Labour Party Refutes  Claims Of Violence, Affirms Commitment To Peaceful Change In Nigeria

In a firm statement released today, the Labour Party (LP) has categorically dismissed unfounded allegations and soothsayers’ prophecies that their Presidential Candidate,  Peter Obi, is involved in planned violence.

The LP asserts that the path to a new Nigeria lies in peaceful processes, not violence.

Obiora Ifoh, the party’s spokesperson, decried the contrived videos and stories circulating about Obi’s alleged involvement in instigating violence, labeling them as “mischievous, if not criminal.”

The LP stated, “While we would typically ignore such stories, we are concerned that these fabricated narratives are being presented alongside video clips extracted from pre-election and campaign speeches

 These clips are misleadingly portrayed as recent remarks, an attempt that can only be described as malicious, if not illegal. This ploy seems designed to falsely implicate Mr. Obi.”

The party reiterated Mr. Obi’s unwavering commitment to the rule of law and non-violent politics

 Despite calls for mass protests following the questionable announcement of the 2023 election results by INEC, Obi firmly refused, emphasizing that reclaiming Nigeria would occur through due and peaceful processes, not violence

Th.e insinuations that Mr. Obi is promoting violence have been dismissed as mere fabrications, born from the imagination of those making baseless claims.

 The LP firmly maintains that Mr. Obi is not a proponent of violence; rather, he firmly believes that justice will prevail, even if it takes time

Mr. Obi, a man of faith, is resolute in his belief that a new Nigeria can be achieved through due process, without resorting to street protests.

 The LP advises prophets and soothsayers, whether real or imagined, to refrain from involving Mr. Obi in their prophecies, as his faith lies in Nigerians and his God, not in imaginary fortune tellers.

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