Lagos  Advocates Nationwide Consistency In Traffic Regulations

In a bid to establish a cohesive and standardized framework for road traffic regulations across the nation, the Lagos State Government has issued a call for collaboration among all states within the Federation, including the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA).

During the recent Transport Managers Conference hosted by the Chartered Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria (CIOTA), the Permanent Secretary of Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, Abdulhafiz Toriola, presented a compelling case for the implementation of a unified regulatory structure for road traffic management.

Under the theme of “National Road Traffic Regulations,” the conference served as a platform for Toriola to underscore the importance of fostering policies that promote both uniformity and voluntary adherence to traffic regulations throughout Nigeria.

Toriola fervently urged all 36 states to adopt a standardized documentation process and guidelines for traffic regulations. Such a harmonious approach, he argued, would yield a range of benefits including streamlined traffic education, prevention of double taxation, and reduction of unnecessary traffic transgressions.

Highlighting the proactive strides of the Lagos State Government, Toriola outlined a series of legislative measures and interventions undertaken to shape traffic management and ensure road safety within the state. These measures encompass the Non-Motorized Transport Policy, Lagos State Transport Policy, Transport Union White Paper, Lagos State e-Hailing Taxi Business Regulation, Operational Guidelines pertaining to motorcycle operations in specific areas, as well as regulations governing tow trucks, courier and dispatch services, vehicle registration, and commercial operations.

Toriola emphasized the far-reaching consequences of unchecked traffic violations on both the environment and socio-economic progress. He asserted the urgent need for a universally applicable Traffic Law, rigorously enforced through resolute political determination, to reinstate orderliness and safety on the nation’s roadways.

As traffic management assumes an increasingly central role in the nation’s development, the clarion call from the Lagos State Government for nationwide consistency in traffic regulations resonates as a pivotal step towards fostering a safer and more efficient road network for all Nigerians.

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