Lagos Approves Safe, Enhanced Ecotourism At Lekki Conservation Centre

Daud Olatunji

In response to a viral video depicting a broken metal brace on the canopy walkway at the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC), the Lagos State Government has undertaken a series of high-level visits to ensure the safety and enhancement of the popular ecotourism destination.

A statement signed by Director General,Nigerian Conservation Foundation,Dr. Joseph Onoja stated that over the past two weeks, various delegations from key arms and agencies of the Lagos State Government have conducted thorough inspections of the 78-hectare forest reserve and wetland at the heart of the Lekki Peninsula. 

The visits aimed to assess the facilities and ongoing maintenance efforts at the LCC, which is owned and managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF).

The initial delegation, led by Hon Idris Aregbe, the Special Assistant to the Governor on Tourism, expressed satisfaction with the facility’s maintenance culture, swift response to safety issues, and the impressive nine-year accident-free record of the canopy walkway. 

However, new safety priority areas were identified, prompting a directive to address them before the Centre’s reopening.

Subsequent inspection visits occurred on January 27 and January 30, with teams from the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, and the Lagos State Safety Commission, respectively. 

These visits focused on monitoring the repair and maintenance work on various facilities, particularly the boardwalk and the canopy walkway, marking the third inspection by the Safety Commission within two weeks.

A significant development took place on January 30 when a high-powered delegation from the Lagos State House of Assembly, led by Hon. Bonu Solomon, Chairman of the House Committee on Tourism, Arts, and Culture, visited the LCC. 

The lawmakers commended the ongoing maintenance and repair efforts after a comprehensive tour of the facilities.

Dr. Joseph Onoja, Director General of the NCF, assured government officials that the canopy walkway incident, which occurred on December 16, was promptly addressed by a team of expert technicians. 

He emphasized the facility’s rigorous safety protocol, periodic maintenance, and the dedication of staff and stakeholders in maintaining an accident-free record since its official opening in 2015.

In response to safety concerns, the LCC was officially closed for routine maintenance on January 16, with plans to reopen on February 1. 

However, this reopening has been suspended until February 20, pending approval from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, and the Lagos State Safety Commission.


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