Lagos Council   Suspends School Food Vendors Over Cholera Outbreak 

 The Agege Local Government Area  council of Lagos State  has announced the suspension of all school food vendors as a preventive measure against cholera outbreak .

Ganiyu Egunjobi, the chairman of the council,disclosed this to  journalists on Friday, saying  the urgency of the situation and the steps being taken to mitigate the spread of cholera. 

Egunjobi stated, “We have suspended all school food vendors to ensure the safety of the pupils and students.” 

He added that the  suspension aims to reduce the risk of cholera transmission through contaminated food within school premises.

Th b council said it  has initiated a comprehensive sensitization campaign to safeguard  school children in the area . 

According to him, the efforts include educating market stakeholders and schools via radio broadcasts about preventive measures. 

Egunjobi highlighted the importance of these initiatives, saying, “We have informed both pupils and students on radio stations to bring their own food to ensure their safety from cholera.

“ This development will allow us to detect and prevent outbreaks in our community.”

He said market traders in various communities have also been targeted in the sensitization efforts. 

Egunjobi explained that traders are being enlightened and educated on maintaining environmental hygiene to prevent the outbreak.

 “We are using various means, including landlord associations, to advise our people on ensuring hygiene in preparing food and drinks,” he added.

Egunjobi urged all residents to adopt precautionary measures against cholera.

 The council’s approach underscores the critical role of community awareness and participation in combating the spread of the disease.

The cholera outbreak in Lagos State is part of a larger national crisis. 

Recalled that the  Lagos State government has reported 350 suspected cases, 17 confirmed cases, and 15 deaths. 

The outbreak has affected 30 out of the 36 states in Nigeria, highlighting the widespread nature of the health emergency.

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