LASU Introduces Compulsory Yoruba Language Course To Promote Culture

In a significant move to safeguard Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage, Lagos State University (LASU) has unveiled plans to make Yoruba Language a mandatory course for all its students. 

Beginning in the 2023/2024 academic session, LASU will introduce GNS 104, a Yoruba Language Studies course, as part of its curriculum.

This strategic decision by LASU aligns with the broader national initiative to protect and promote Nigeria’s diverse linguistic and cultural legacy. 

The Yoruba Language Studies course aims to provide students with a comprehensive grasp of Yoruba, one of Nigeria’s prominent indigenous languages. 

It seeks to equip them with language proficiency, cultural awareness, and historical context, fostering a deeper appreciation for Yoruba culture.

Professor T.M Salisu, Dean of LASU’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities, expressed his excitement about this development, highlighting its potential to strengthen students’ connections to their roots and promote cultural diversity. 

“GNS 104 will not only enhance language proficiency but also encourage a profound understanding of the Yoruba people, their customs, and traditions,” he affirmed.

This comprehensive course will encompass various facets of Yoruba culture, including language structure, literature, history, folklore, and contemporary issues. 

It will be open to students from all faculties as part of the General Nigerian Studies (GNS) program, reflecting LASU’s commitment to interdisciplinary learning.

It’s worth noting that the Lagos State Assembly, in its conscious efforts to preserve Yoruba culture and heritage, passed a bill in 2017 mandating the teaching of Yoruba in all schools in the state. 

The assembly began using the Yoruba language for legislative activities earlier this year, further reinforcing the commitment to preserving this rich cultural heritage.


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