Lawyer Commends  Abiodun’s Move For Court Of Appeal Division In Ogun

Mr. Moruff Balogun, Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Bar Association and Chairman of the Human Rights’ Committee in the Ijebu –Ode branch, has extended his appreciation to Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State for his proactive initiative to request the establishment of a division of the Court of Appeal in the state. 

This move, Balogun asserts, will significantly aid in the prompt dispensation of justice, thereby addressing the frustrations faced by litigants due to delays in hearing cases at the Court of Appeal, Ibadan division.

Balogun highlights the prevalent perception among parties and litigants in Ogun State regarding the Court of Appeal, Ibadan division, as a major bottleneck hindering the swift administration of justice. 

With approximately 80% of cases pending before the Court of Appeal originating from Ogun State, the establishment of a division within the state is deemed essential to prevent justice from being unduly delayed and to deter litigants from resorting to self-help measures.

While acknowledging the legal recourse available for litigants to pursue their grievances through the appellate process, Balogun emphasizes the need for lawyers to exercise discretion and refrain from filing frivolous appeals.

 He underscores the importance of advising clients within the bounds of the law to ensure that only meritorious cases are pursued on appeal, thereby streamlining the judicial process and alleviating the backlog of cases.

Balogun further urges all stakeholders in Ogun State to unite in support of Governor Abiodun’s request for a Court of Appeal division within the state.

 He highlights the detrimental impact of prolonged delays in the appellate process, citing instances where appeals remain unresolved for seven to eight years without progress, thereby impeding the delivery of justice.

Balogun reiterates the principle that justice delayed is justice denied, emphasizing the imperative of expediting the establishment of the proposed Court of Appeal division in Ogun State. 

He echoes the sentiments of the people of Ogun State in rallying behind Governor Abiodun’s initiative and expresses hope for its realization in the near future, underscoring the collective commitment to enhancing the administration of justice in the state

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the commendation from  Balogun underscores the significance of Governor Abiodun’s proactive stance in addressing systemic challenges within the judiciary, setting a positive precedent for promoting access to justice and upholding the rule of law in Ogun State.

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