LG Fund : Ex- Governorship Candidate,Ojeshina  Raises Alarm, Accusing Abiodun Of Adopting   Gestapo Leadership Style


The 2023 Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in Ogun State, Asiwaju, Tony Ojeshina,has condemned the approach adopted by the state governor over the allegation of missing local government funds.


Abiodun has reportedly gone after the whistle blower, the chairman of Ijebu- East ,Wale Adedayo raise the dust over zero allocation.


This allegation shattered the  peaceful atmosphere of the  State was disrupted as a series of alarming events unfolded, drawing attention to what Ojeshina  called  a “gestapo-style” leadership approach by  Abiodun.


 The state’s local government administration has come under scrutiny, sparking concerns among citizens and political figures.


The catalyst for the crisis emerged when  Adedayo,  penned an emotional appeal to former Governor Aremo Olusegun Osoba. 


In his letter, Adedayo highlighted the alleged misappropriation of billions of naira in monthly allocations meant for local administrations by the state government.


 He portrayed a dire picture of the paralysis that local governance has suffered due to the state governor’s actions.


Adedayo’s fervor extended to petitioning the EFCC to investigate the mishandling of local government allocations, despite the Federal Government’s policy of granting enhanced fiscal autonomy to local governments across the country. 


His actions led to a visible division among local government chairmen, with some prostrating before Governor Abiodun and seeking his forgiveness, a move that was publicly shared by the state government.


The situation took an even more tumultuous turn when security agents stormed the Ijebu East local government headquarters in an attempt to apprehend Chairman Adedayo.


 The councilors of the local government also surprisingly raised allegations against Adedayo, leading to his suspension and initiating a potential impeachment process.


In the face of adversity,  Adedayo remained defiant and unyielding. 


He condemned his prostrating colleagues for their actions and asserted, “We are in a democracy, we are not in a military dictatorship… let them go and bring the best of the assassins.”


Ojeshina while reacting to the development,  called upon all stakeholders to unite against the unfolding situation.


Ojeshina expressed concern that Ogun State’s rich political history and sophistication should not be tarnished by descending into what he referred to as a “banana republic.”


He urged figures across party lines, community leaders, traditional rulers, civil society, and the general public to rally together and protect the state from what he deemed the “iron fist” of Governor Dapo Abiodun. 


As a former state commissioner and leader of a coalition of political parties supporting Ladi Adebutu’s mandate recovery, Ojeshina emphasized that the issue of local government mismanagement cannot be overlooked, despite intimidation and political maneuvering.


He said “amid these challenging circumstances, the courage displayed by Wale Adedayo in standing up for transparency and accountability has earned him praise as a patriot.


 “As the crisis continues to unfold, citizens of Ogun State eagerly await a thorough forensic investigation into the alleged mismanagement of state allocations over the past two years.”

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