Man, 23, Begs For Antidote To Mysterious Tumbling After Alleged Pup Theft 

Daud Olatunji

At the tender age of 23, Sodiq Egunjobi’s life took an inexplicable turn after being accused of a crime he vehemently denies – stealing a puppy.

The narrative, shrouded in mystery and pain, began around 2019 when Sodiq found himself at the center of a turmoil that would alter the course of his life.

Ilesanmi Akinsanya, the purported owner of the dog in question, accused Sodiq and, in a shocking turn of events, allegedly tested a charm on the young man. 

This accusation  becomes the catalyst for a series of inexplicable and tormenting episodes that has been haunting  Sodiq for the past four years.

Sodiq’s voice, laden with desperation, echoes through the airwaves as he pleads for help to break free from the shackles of a mysterious ailment that subjects him to weekly bouts of tumbling. 

In his account of the traumatic incident, Sodiq vehemently denies stealing the puppy  and emphasizes the need for intervention to rescue him from the relentless public embarrassment that accompanies his ailment.

The timeline of the incident spans four long years, and Sodiq’s family, having exhausted every avenue for redress, took to the airwaves.

Mrs. Egunjobi, Sodiq’s mother, appeared on a popular radio programme  in Abeokuta, hosted by Makinde Fasunle, to share the heart-wrenching tale of her son’s plight.

Sodiq himself narrates the harrowing experience, recounting the night when a simple act of stepping out to ease himself spiraled into a nightmare.

 A neighbour named Dami awakened him to a commotion outside, where people were discussing the disappearance of a puppy . 

Little did Sodiq know that this would mark the beginning of a relentless cycle of beatings and an unexplained malady that has left him tumbling every two weeks, adorned with marks on his face.

“In the morning, the man came with some people again and started beating me where I was fetching water,” Sodiq reveals, painting a vivid picture of the relentless torment he endures.

“I heard someone among them saying they should test a charm on me so I can suffer from it forever.”

As Sodiq’s voice reaches the ears of those who might lend a helping hand, the question lingers in the air – how did a simple accusation of dog theft escalate into a life-altering ordeal for a young man seeking solace in the shadows of public humiliation? 

Sodiq’s story is a plea for empathy, an appeal for justice, and an urgent call for an antidote to the mysterious affliction that binds him to a life of suffering.

Sharing his harrowing experience, the owner of the dog who recently gave birth,,Ilesanmi Akinsaya, fondly known as Maja,said he did not test any charm on Sodiq despite his painful  loss.

He said “on that night, my dog gave birth to puppies, and around 2:30 am, the dog started barking. I rushed outside and saw Sodiq running inside. I went to his place where he slept with the others.

“I noticed that one of the dogs was missing. All the neighbors came outside, and we started looking for the only black puppy. While going through the passage, we discovered blood, confirmed to be the dog’s blood. Later, we found the dead body in a corner within the house where he had kept it.”

…Witness Accounts In Sodiq’s Case

Olaolu Olubode, a neighbour and Witness stated “my name is Olaolu Olubode. On the n ight of the incident, I was inside our room sleeping when Sodiq briefly went outside. About 30 minutes later, I heard someone calling him. 

“When he went out, accusations arose that he stole a baby dog. They only showed us blood and didn’t provide any evidence of a dead dog. Since then, Sodiq has been facing difficulties.”

Mrs. Eginjobi (Sodiq’s Mother): lamented “Sodiq informed me that Baba Maria Ishola intended to use a charm on him. I traveled to confront the man, pleaded with him not to harm my child, and a heated argument ensued. My son is not a thief; he works as a motor mechanic and electrician. Please help us plead for his release, as he’s not been well since the incident.”

The Maja’s elder brother  whobwas accused of using the charm, spoke, said “on that night, I heard the dog barking, and people, including my younger brother, were discussing it outside. I asked them to quiet down, emphasizing that it was a dog that died, not a human being. This incident occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sodiq’s Dad  also spoke, “Sodiq spent only a month in the village due to illness, and despite spending a considerable amount on his treatment, there was no improvement. I eventually suggested he return, seeing no positive changes.”




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