Man Brazenly Peddling Human Kidney on Lagos Streets 

A thunderbolt of disbelief struck as a man was caught red-handed, shamelessly parading a placard emblazoned with the spine-chilling proclamation ‘Fresh Human Kidney for Sale.’


This audacious figure lurked amidst the chaos of a congested traffic junction, casting a nefarious shadow over the city. The chilling truth, however, remains concealed—whose vital organ does this audacious peddler seek to barter?


While a few onlookers couldn’t help but muster a morbid chuckle at the audacity of it all, a prevailing sense of condemnation swept through the populace. Outraged voices echoed, branding the man’s deed a grievous affront to morality and ethics.


A scathing social media critique read, “Is the choice now to purchase cardboard? My cerebral faculties are intact; it’s disheartening to witness such a misdirected endeavor.”


 Another recounted a spine-tingling encounter, revealing, “Only yesterday, I bore witness to this spectacle at the traffic light in Ikate Lekki.”


One stern observer penned, “No matter how comical this seems, the powers that be cannot afford to turn a blind eye. 


The specter of criminals exploiting this macabre opportunity, ransacking innocent lives for monetary gain, looms large.”


Yet another ominous voice resonated, “Swift action must be taken.


 That individual must be apprehended forthwith. For who’s to say if it’s indeed his kidney that dangles on this grim market’s precipice?”


The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated, as the city holds its breath, grappling with the unsettling question—how far would one go to capitalize on human suffering?

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