Man In Court For Allegedly Brainwashing, Duping Trader Of Over N900,000 With Charm

Fawaz Adebisi

A man, Adekunle Shoremi has appeared before the Magistrate court in Isabo, Abeokuta, for allegedly brainwashing and duping a trader, Abubakar Abdullah, alongside two other men, of N978,000 with charm.

The defendant appeared in court on Tuesday, as his accomplices have reportedly taken to their heels.

Abdullah, who sells beans at Lafenwa, appeared as a witness in the court, as he narrated how he was brainwashed and duped of N9780,000 in two days.

He recounted his interactions with Shoremi, stating that he had encountered him multiple times around 2022.

According to him, shoremi had approached Abubakar at his shop on several occasions, initially asking for money and even receiving N500 from Abubakar.

In return, Shoremi offered to help Abubakar boost his sales as he promised to bring a friend to his shop the next day.

“He brought his friend to my shop, to make charm for me to make my market sell very well,” Abubakar said.

This friend, identified as Ifa Balogun, convinced Abubakar to put his leg into a sand that miraculously turned into soap when he removed his leg.

Abubakar was therefore instructed to bathe with this soap.

Subsequently, after taking the bath, Abubakar experienced a change in his mental state as he unconsciously gave Ifa over N900,000.

“He asked me if I have money, I said yes, the he asked me to bring 300k, immediately, I brought it, in the morning, and in the evening, he called me again, he asked me if I have sold, and he asked me to bring the money again, so I gave him another 278k.

“The next morning, he asked me to bring money again, from my house, I brought 400k.

“When I gave them 400k, he asked me to wait, when I waited at Itamorin, where Adekunle Shoremi works, I gave him the money in cash” Abubakar narrated.

Eventually, he said his wife, after noticing weird changes in him, took him to see an Imam who revealed the events that had transpired.

Responding to this, the defendant, with no legal representation, denied the allegations, and pleaded not guilty.

The court therefore adjourned the case to the 5th of September, 2023.

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