Man Takes Own  Life Over Unbearable Rent Hike In Lagos 

A man known as Baale or Radical, has reportedly taken his own life following a distressing eviction notice due to unpaid rent.

 Baale, residing in a modest room on Moshalashi Road, Egan, Igando, tragically ended his life on Sunday night by consuming a poisonous substance suspected to be insecticide.

Sources close to the situation, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that Baale had confided in his wife about the mounting pressure of meeting the increased rent demand, which had surged from N35,000 to N60,000 annually. 

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that th deceased had been struggling to cope with the financial burden and had expressed his despair to his wife before he killed himself.

 According to witnesses, the  sequence of events unfolded when Baale returned home from an outing with friends in Iba.

 Distressed and overwhelmed, he reportedly made a chilling phone call to a young man, contemplating suicide with the insecticide in his possession. 

“The rent was initially N35,000, and he struggled to pay it. This made him tell his wife that he may lose him soon as pressure is mounting up for him already.

“He came home from Iba yesterday where he went to chill with his friends only for him to call a young man (name withheld) he would commit suicide with the bottle of insecticide he was holding. 

“The young man immediately ran to his wife after luring him to stop, and they all called for help.

Swift intervention by the young man and his wife prevented the immediate tragedy, and emergency assistance was sought.

Despite efforts to save him, Baale succumbed to the toxic effects of the substance upon arrival at the hospital, leaving behind a grieving wife and four children.

While the wife declined to comment on the incident, inquiries to the state Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, yielded no immediate confirmation, as he awaited updates from the area’s Divisional Police Officer.

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