Man Turned Neighbour  Into Chicken” For Three Weeks In Adamawa 

A startling incident in Adamawa State has captured attention as a 23-year-old man, Tangla Isuwa, narrowly escaped a mob attack after reportedly confessing to practicing witchcraft. 


The young man claimed to have transformed his neighbor, Danladi Markus, into a chicken for an astonishing three-week period.


Hailing from Dong community in Demsa Local Government Area, Tangla allegedly implicated Markus, attributing the transformation to his belief that Markus had engaged in witchcraft that led to the death of Tangla’s father within their community.


The confrontation escalated when enraged youths within the community confronted Tangla, subjecting him to a violent assault aimed at punishing him for the alleged supernatural act.


State police spokesperson, SP Suleiman Yahaya Nguroje, confirmed the incident and revealed that approximately 15 individuals had been detained for their involvement in assaulting Tangla.


Under questioning from the Public Relations Officer (PRO), Tangla recounted his association with a man named Mabudi, who had reportedly provided him with enchanted items in 2020. 


Tangla asserted that Mabudi instructed him to mix the enchanted items with white chicken meat and consume the concoction after cooking.


Subsequent to consuming this concoction, Tangla claimed to have experienced vivid hallucinations involving three-legged and even six-legged animals such as rats, horses, and cattle, which remained invisible to others. 


He stated that these occurrences marked his initiation into occult practices, transforming him into what he described as a “full-fledged witch.”


Tangla went on to allege that his father’s death earlier in the year was the result of witchcraft carried out by Danladi Markus and his stepfather, identified as Absalom. 


According to Tangla’s narrative, he sought revenge by ensnaring Markus’s spirit in the witchcraft realm, subjecting him to physical distress.


As tensions mounted, a family gathering convened where Markus reportedly accused Tangla and Mabudi of being responsible for his ailment. 


This accusation led to further unrest within the community, culminating in Tangla’s entreaties to the community’s youth. He reportedly negotiated for time to release Markus from his magical binds, ensuring Markus’s safety.


While Tangla maintains his claim of being a witch, he vehemently denies causing any harm through his purported supernatural powers.


 In an attempt to quell the situation, Tangla assured that he had successfully released Markus from the spell, asserting Markus’s well-being.


This extraordinary event has raised questions about the nature of these accusations and the beliefs underpinning them, shedding light on the complexity of such incidents in contemporary society. 


The investigation into this case is ongoing as authorities seek to untangle the web of claims, allegations, and the elusive boundary between the mundane and the extraordinary.


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