May 29: ‘Nigerians are suffering’, Toyin Amuzu Urges Govt To Prioritise Citizens’ Welfare, Resolve Fuel Crisis

The Nigerian government at all levels has been urged to prioritise the general well-being of its citizens and implement clear-cut policies aimed at alleviating the widespread suffering. 

Chief Toyin Amuzu, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives candidate for Abeokuta South federal constituency in the 2023 elections, has voiced serious concerns about the state of the nation under the current All Progressives Congress (APC) administration.

Chief Amuzu described the past year as the most challenging in Nigeria’s history, marked by rising insecurity, severe poverty, economic hardship, and general despondency.

 These issues, he noted, have driven many citizens, especially the youth, to flee the country. He stressed the need for urgent governmental action to address these problems.

He called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Governor Dapo Abiodun, and all political office holders in Ogun State to reflect deeply on their first year in office and to critically examine their policies. 

Amuzu emphasised the importance of presenting a clear economic roadmap to improve the welfare of the Nigerian people.

Despite the hardships, Chief Amuzu commended Nigerians for their resilience and encouraged them not to lose faith in democracy and the nation due to the perceived failures of the APC administration.

 He criticised the recent removal of fuel subsidies and the floating of the Naira, arguing that these policies were implemented without adequate consideration for citizens’ welfare and security.

“Our people now find it so hard to eat three square meals a day while the Naira has greatly lost its value,” Amuzu stated.

 “Transport fares have increased with the hike in fuel prices, insecurity has worsened, and it seems like inflicting pain and misery on Nigerians remains the policy thrust of successive APC administrations.”

Amuzu further criticised the arbitrary increase in electricity tariffs and the imposition of multiple taxes, which he said have compounded the struggles of already impoverished Nigerians without yielding corresponding development benefits. 

He argued that these poorly conceived and implemented policies, lacking cushioning measures, have led to rising costs and extreme hardship, driving many into early death and poverty.

The Egba-born Chief highlighted the massive job and business losses, contributing to socio-economic dislocation and uncertainty.

He cited the over 37% unemployment rate, inflation exceeding 33%, and the more than 200% devaluation of the Naira in the past year as indicators of the dire economic situation.

Amuzu lamented the excruciating hardships faced by Nigerians, noting that it was unsurprising that many have lost hope in the APC administration, which he claimed lacks an operable economic plan to steer the country out of its current despair.

 Chief Amuzu urged the government to adopt policies that genuinely prioritize the welfare of the people and provide tangible solutions to the nation’s pressing issues.

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