Medical Expert Applauds Appointment Of Odunsi  As  OOUTH Director Of Nursing Services

In a momentous development, Mrs. Shina Odunsi has been appointed as the Director of Nursing Services (DNS) at the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital (OOUTH). 

This appointment has been met with resounding applause and congratulations from the community.

Abiodun Thomas  (RN), a conscientious citizen, in a statement on Monday,said it  is evident that Mrs. Odunsi’s ascension to this prestigious position is well-deserved, signifying a promising era of progress and transformation for the Teaching Hospital.

She added that as the institution takes confident strides toward achieving greater heights, the community celebrates this remarkable milestone.

Abiodun commends the Teaching Hospital for its positive trajectory, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging achievements alongside holding institutions accountable when necessary.

Abiodun said the  OOUTH has weathered turbulent years, but it appears that the storm is finally subsiding, offering a glimpse of brighter days ahead.

Acknowledging the collective efforts that contributed to the hospital’s welfare, noteworthy individuals like Prof. Agboola, Prof. Mrs. Jayesimi, Dr. Olatunji, Ogunjimi, and the esteemed board chairman, Dr. Hassan, Abiodun called for a deserved  special recognition for their roles in advancing the hospital’s mission.

Abiodun said “our actions today shape the legacy we leave behind.

“The call to continue performing admirably serves as a reminder that deviating from the path of excellence could lead to a different judgment in the future.

“This announcement is a testament to the hospital’s commitment to progress, and it is signed with hope for a bright future.”

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