Military Takeovers In West Africa Pose Continent-Wide Peril-Minister Tuggar 

Daud Olatunji 

Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar, issued a stark warning at the 10th Annual High-level Seminar on the Promotion of Peace and Security in Africa, cautioning against viewing the recent unconstitutional changes in government in West Africa as a mere regional issue.

Tuggar emphasized that allowing this situation to fester could lead to a broader crisis engulfing the entire African continent, exacerbating challenges related to terrorism and cross-border criminal activities.

During a panel discussion titled “Resurgence of Unconstitutional Changes of Government in Africa: Global Outlook, Response, and Implications for the A3,” Minister Tuggar underscored the importance of addressing not only endogenous factors such as governance and election processes but also exogenous factors contributing to the crisis.

He pointed out that the proliferation of arms, a consequence of the war in Libya, and other external factors played a significant role in the current situation.

Tuggar argued against simplifying the issue as solely a West African problem, stating, “West Africa was not responsible for the implosion of Libya that brought about the proliferation of arms.

It may not necessarily be responsible for the failure of the EU’s Sahel Strategy or climate change in the Sahel.”

The Minister cautioned against the temptation to accommodate new military regimes in the region as a quick solution.

Instead, he advocated for revitalizing the African Union’s programs, emphasizing that a coordinated effort focused on development and infrastructure would be more effective in addressing the complex challenges posed by terrorist groups and criminal gangs in West Africa’s border areas.

Tuggar concluded by advising against succumbing to pressures from social media to accept military takeovers, stating that upholding the principles of the African Union and prioritizing development over appeasement would be crucial in safeguarding the entire continent against the looming threat.

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