Mohbad’s Father To Release Tribute Album Following Controversial Death

In a heartfelt response to the tragic demise of his son, late Nigerian singer Mohbad, Mr. Joseph Aloba is gearing up to release a tribute album titled ‘Itunu.’

Mohbad, a former signee of Marlian Records, passed away on September 12, with his final resting place being in Ikorodu.

The somber event was marked by poignant scenes of mourning from bereaved family members, friends, and dedicated supporters.

Adding a layer of complexity to the sorrowful narrative, on September 21, the police undertook the exhumation of Mohbad’s remains for a thorough autopsy, awaiting results in light of the surrounding controversy surrounding his untimely death.

In a widely circulated flier, Mr. Aloba expressed his intention to memorialize his late son through the upcoming album ‘Itunu.’

In a recently surfaced video, Aloba was captured passionately recording a song in the studio, where he not only poured his emotions into the music but also shared poignant advice, urging people to be mindful of their actions.

The grieving father, Mr. Aloba, has been in the public eye since the passing of Mohbad, his second child. In the preceding month, calls from concerned Nigerians sought the release of Mohbad’s body for proper burial.

In response, Aloba issued a stern warning, cautioning against any attempt to bury his son without his explicit approval.

The impending release of the tribute album stands as a testament to a father’s love and a musical homage to a departed talent.

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