More Diasporas buy into Pelican Valley Real Estate Projects

... 'It's a place we can now call home and retire into' - Canada Business Summit team

More Nigerians in the diaspora have expressed satisfaction with the Pelican Valley range of estates in Ogun State and the infrastructural development taking place there, saying there are places they can now proudly call home and move into on or before retirement.

The diasporas – Mr Olaseni Blackstone, Mr Samuel Adewale; President of Leadership and Governance, Canada, and… who are members of the October Canada – Nigeria Business Summit in Toronto, arrived at the verdict after a guided tour of the estates recently.

The three were first at the Pelican Valley Estate Laderin where unusual home happens and later at the Pelican Valley Brief and Pelican Valley Ecostay Apartments – an emerging Smart City, at Kobape corridor of Ogun State to see things for themselves after they had watched and listened from Canada, a recent virtual business presentation by the CEO of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, Ambassador (Dr) Adeyemo.

The august visitors who said they were more than impressed with the standard of property and infrastructure in the estates comparable to what obtained in Canada, also used the avenue to extend a business invitation to Ambassador Adeyemo to be part of the October 8 – 12 Canada – Nigeria Business Summit taking place in Toronto.

Speaking separately to share their experiences pertaining to the Pelican Valley Estate projects and the forthcoming Canada -Nigeria Business Summit, and they have these to say: Olaseni Blackstone: “We are hosting the 2024 Toronto edition of the Nigeria – Canada Business Summit between October 8 and 12 this year in Toronto. We just want to extend invitation to this beautiful company (Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited) to be part of the summit. We are here, we have seen the property and we have seen the ones at Pelican Valley Estate. Now we are here (Pelican Brief and Pelican Ecostay Apartments).

“It is a very beautiful estate, we can see development here through infrastructural development and the materials here are of standard and I just want to encourage any body that decide to be part of this Pelican Valley project not waste time. We are so impressed with what we have seen. I want to encourage everyone to subscribe to it.”

Samuel Adewale, President, Leadership and Governance, Canada, “With what we have seen, Pelican Valley set the pace and they set the pace in such a unique way that the diasporan can actually rely on. I will say this is a trusted real estate company that the diasporan can boast of and be proud to say, Yes, we are in Pelican Valley.

“Canada – Nigeria Business Summit is coming up on October 8 through 12. One of the sectors we have in that event is infrastructure. Under this infrastructure, it is a situation where we are inviting Pelican Valley to come and be part of it because from what we have seen so far, the infrastructure, even the houses in their real estates are such of high quality that the diasporan can benefit from.”

Mr….”I can’t but say, Thank you God, for what I have seen. This is innovative and is different. Thank God that we created a time to be here today to see the reality of what is going on. We had the opportunity to watch and listen to the presentation you did two weeks during business zoom meeting when you addressed the diasporan, we felt that once we are in Nigeria we should visit here and see what is going on.

“I must confess the standard is comparable to what you will see abroad. And I’m also happy that some diasporas in the range of over 700 are already subscribing to it. That means people are developing a lot more confidence in what our developers are doing. What I see is comparable to what we have over there.

“Honestly, I can only say God will give you more grace to do more so that the diasporan will know that we have place even when we retire and even before we retire a place we can call home and we won’t be missing anything whether we are here or over there because the infrastructure – the road network, the apartments are top class which is what we want. I’m impressed.”

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