Mother of Four Hacked To Death While Intervening In Neighbour Dispute

A mother of four, Mrs. Nata Igbinovia,has  lost her life while trying to quell a dispute between her cousin and neighbours.

The  tragic incident occured In  the community of Okpagha-Ewuare, on the outskirts of Benin City, Edo State.

According to Patience, the deceased’s daughter, the altercation turned fatal when her mother stepped in to defuse the situation.

 The suspects, identified as Philip Ayo and his son, allegedly wielded a knife and an axe during the confrontation.

Patience recounted the harrowing ordeal, stating, “As he went to bring the small dagger, the son brought an axe that they usually use to split firewood.

 As he wanted to stab my cousin brother, my mom intervened, and that’s when the knife ended up in her hand.”

Tragically, Mrs. Igbinovia fell victim to the violence, with the attackers reportedly striking her with the axe and stabbing her in the side ribs.

 The perpetrators fled the scene upon realizing the gravity of their actions, leaving behind a lifeless body.

A neighbour, upon learning of the incident, rushed to the scene and provided assistance by transporting Mrs. Igbinovia to the hospital. However, her injuries proved fatal.

In response to inquiries, Chidi Nwabuzor, the spokesperson for the state police command, confirmed the incident and assured that investigations are underway

He said   Philip Ayo has been apprehended, but the fate of his son remains uncertain pending further inquiry.

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