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Musician’s Plot To Use Seven-Month-Old Child For Ritual Botched

By Daud Olatunji

In a shocking revelation, 23-year-old musician Emmanuel Joseph’s sinister plan to propel his music career through a ritual involving his seven-month-old child has been foiled in the heart of Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State.

Emmanuel, who purportedly sought spiritual enhancement for his musical aspirations, was apprehended during the critical phase of a two-year-long ritualistic process. 

The alarm was raised by none other than his vigilant wife, Ajoke, leading to the uncovering of a disturbing plot.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that, Emmanuel initiated the arcane journey into spiritual realms approximately two years ago. 

His objective was to harvest success by utilizing the hair of his newborn child. It was during the final stages of this dark endeavor that his plans unraveled.

In a startling admission, Emmanuel confessed to the heinous act, recounting his involvement with a herbalist who prescribed a ritualistic procedure to guarantee global recognition in the music industry.

“One year ago, I consulted a herbalist who instructed me to use my child’s hair for a ritual. I was promised unparalleled success in my music career,” Emmanuel revealed. 

“The herbalist advised me to cut the baby’s hair and bury it. Supposedly, this would pave the way for my musical triumph.”

Emmanuel went on to describe the initial positive effects of the ritual, attributing newfound inspiration and increased show bookings to the mysterious substance he had ingested.

However, a twist of fate led him to reconsider the price he was willing to pay for success.

“I refrained from using my first child for the ritual, and soon after, I faced numerous challenges that nearly drove me to madness,” he confessed.

Seeking a remedy for the ensuing turmoil, Emmanuel consulted an elder who provided an antidote to pacify the child.

Haunted by the repercussions of his actions, Emmanuel decided to abandon the ritualistic path, risking the wrath of the elders he had engaged with.

 “I am not giving the elders anything again; let them deal with me and leave my child. I am ready to face the consequences, even if it means my life,” he declared defiantly.

Tragically, the friend who introduced Emmanuel to the perilous substance, Taiwo, has since passed away, leaving Emmanuel to grapple with the consequences alone.

Wife Exposes Husband’s Sinister Plot,Cries For Help 

In a harrowing continuation of the unfolding saga, Ajoke, the wife of  Emmanuel,  stepped forward to reveal the dark descent her husband took in pursuit of musical stardom, involving their seven-month-old child, Solomon.

Married for an extended period, Ajoke shared the disconcerting transformation Emmanuel underwent after returning from a journey. 

What was once a well-behaved man turned into someone unrecognizable, exhibiting erratic behavior and alarming shifts in character.

Concerned by her husband’s drastic change, Ajoke reached out to Emmanuel’s sister for answers.

 It was then that the shocking revelation came to light—Emmanuel had delved into the occult, consumed spiritual substances, and harboured intentions of using their infant son for a money ritual to catapult his music career.

Distraught and resolute, Ajoke confronted her husband, vehemently opposing his heinous plans for their child. 

With the support of Emmanuel’s sister and brother, he was taken to seek help, providing a brief respite from the grip of the dark forces that had consumed him.

Tragedy struck on the seventh day following Ajoke’s mother’s demise, as Emmanuel callously ejected his wife and demanded the child be handed over for his ominous ritual.

 Seeking refuge in the church, Ajoke found solace, unaware that Emmanuel was spiraling further into madness.

In a bizarre turn of events, Emmanuel, in the throes of obsession, confronted Ajoke in the church, demanding the child for his ritual.

 The prophet presiding over the congregation rebuked his sinister intentions, urging him to use himself for the ritual instead of the innocent child.

Fleeing to her family home for the eight-day prayer honoring her late mother, Ajoke found herself barred from returning to Emmanuel.

 Sent to Ifo, she began learning skills to sustain herself and her children away from the looming darkness that clouded her husband.

The narrative takes a chilling turn as Solomon, the innocent seven-month-old, fell gravely ill. 

Despite fervent prayers at the church, the child’s condition worsened, leading to a desperate late-night dash to a clinic. Money borrowed from Emmanuel’s sister, the child’s aunt, was the only barrier between the infant and potential tragedy.


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