Muslim Leaders Urge Immediate Action As Fuel Subsidy Removal Exacerbates Poverty in Nigeria 

Daud Olatunji

In a concerning development, Muslim leaders representing the Supreme Council for Shari’a in Nigeria (SCSN) and Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’ah Wa’iqamatus Sunah (JIBWIS) have sounded the alarm, shedding light on the escalating hardships faced by Nigerians. 

These leaders are now calling on the Federal Government and the National Assembly to take swift action to alleviate the growing suffering across the nation.

During separate visits to the National Assembly in Kano State, the leadership of SCSN and JIBWIS expressed grave concerns about the country’s deteriorating economic and security challenges. Professor Abdullahi Sale Pakistan, Chairman of JIBWIS in Kano State, urged the government to intensify its efforts to revive the economy and provide much-needed employment opportunities.

Members of the Supreme Council for Shari’a in Nigeria (SCSN), led by Vice President Dr. Bashir Aliyu Umar, pointed out that the removal of fuel subsidies has exacerbated poverty levels in the country. 

They appealed to the government to implement genuine measures to mitigate the impact of this subsidy removal.

Deputy Senate President Senator Barau Jibrin, in response, assured the SCSN and JIBWIS of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s commitment to revitalizing the economy and addressing the nation’s security concerns. 

He emphasized the importance of creating employment opportunities for the youth as a crucial step toward improving the security situation.

Senator Jibrin stated, “The global employment landscape has evolved, and the government alone cannot provide employment. 

That’s why we are working diligently to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, thereby allowing the private sector to flourish and generate employment opportunities for our citizens.”

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