My Problem With Obaseki Started Day I Congratulated Oshiomhole-Shaibu

Daud Olatunji

In a surprising revelation, Philip Shaibu, the Deputy Governor of Edo State, has candidly disclosed that his strained relationship with Governor Godwin Obaseki began the day he extended congratulations to Adams Oshiomhole for his senatorial victory in the 2023 elections.

Shaibu, who has been navigating the complex dynamics of Edo State politics, acknowledged the lingering tensions from the 2020 governorship election but emphasized his enduring respect for Oshiomhole, referring to him as a father figure. 

Despite being in different political parties, Shaibu expressed the cordiality of their relationship and his intention to apologize to Oshiomhole for the heated exchange of words during the previous gubernatorial race.

The unexpected twist in this political saga comes as Shaibu declared his bid for the governorship in the 2024 elections under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). 

Speaking during a televised appearance on Tuesday, Shaibu detailed the sequence of events that led to his decision to reconcile with Oshiomhole and the subsequent rift with Governor Obaseki.

Shaibu stated, “One of the crises that I had was when I went to the Senate to congratulate Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and I was seen in a viral video. That was where my headache started.”

 He alluded to the governor’s distinct approach, where allegiance is expected to align closely with friendships and enmities of the governor.

Expressing satisfaction with Governor Obaseki’s recent gestures of inviting Oshiomhole to political functions, Shaibu revealed his anticipation of the next step: reaching out to Oshiomhole and offering an apology. 

Despite this reconciliation effort, Shaibu affirmed his commitment to supporting Obaseki based on what he claimed to be a divine directive.

As Edo State becomes the stage for unfolding political dramas, Shaibu’s revelation adds a layer of complexity to the relationships within the political landscape, leaving observers and voters alike pondering the potential ramifications for the upcoming gubernatorial elections in 2024.

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