N5 Billion FG Palliatives Not Gratis, But Loan, Says Gov.. Mutfwang

In a surprising twist, Governor Caleb Mutfwang of Plateau State has unveiled that the much-touted N5 billion palliative offered by the Federal Government is not a benevolent gift, but rather a loan that must be repaid.

Speaking during a recent gathering with Plateau elders in Jos, the governor shed light on the actual nature of the funds, dispelling the misconception that it was an entirely cost-free initiative.

Governor Mutfwang clarified that while the N5 billion was intended to alleviate the plight of the poorest citizens and mitigate the prevailing hardships across the nation, it came with strings attached.

Out of the total amount, N2 billion has already been received by the state.

The breakdown of the N5 billion revealed that 52 percent of it was assigned for driving the intended impact, while the remaining 48 percent constituted a loan component that obligates repayment.

“The federal government allocated N5 billion in palliatives to each state of the federation; the money was in principle given to every state for the purpose of giving palliatives to the poorest of the poor,” Mutfwang explained.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the state’s allocation included provisions for 3,000 bags of rice, but an intriguing stipulation accompanied the funding.

A sum of N1 billion was earmarked for procuring rice locally, with the intention to ensure even distribution and circulation of money within the local economy.

Governor Mutfwang pledged to uphold transparency and responsible utilization of the funds. “And I like to pledge and give you my pledge of honor that not a single kobo of this N5 billion will be misused,” he asserted.

The state government has already taken steps to distribute the allocated rice to various local governments, thereby adhering to the federal government’s intention to distribute funds and resources equitably.

Governor Mutfwang also committed to assisting the populace of Plateau State in light of the fuel subsidy removal’s effects.

In a bid to alleviate the impact, the state government will work in tandem with the federal government’s efforts. As part of these initiatives, farmers and students are set to benefit.

The governor outlined plans to provide farmers with subsidized rates for fertilizers, while also ensuring students receive bursaries to ease the financial burden of education.

In a surprising revelation, Governor Mutfwang’s elucidation has peeled back the layers on the N5 billion palliative, underscoring that it’s far from a gratuitous handout, but rather an intricate financial arrangement that carries an obligation of repayment.

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