Nasarawa Female Miners Speak Out Against Harassment, Sexual Violence

Female miners in Nasarawa, operating under the banner of Women in Mining Nigeria (WIMIN), have sounded the alarm about the prevalent harassment and rape they endure at various mining sites in the state.

Janet Adeyemi, the National President of WIMIN,raised the alarm during a two-day policy dialogue with stakeholders in the mining sector in Nasarawa.

Adeyemi, expressing her commitment to combatting the persistent rise in Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), revealed that a staggering 23.1% of women in mining communities face sexual violence, surpassing the 18.7% recorded in non-mining communities.

The challenges, as explained by Adeyemi, are compounded by weak regulatory structures, a predominantly male industry, informal and illegal mining operations, and limited access to quality prevention and support services.

Under the theme ‘Understanding and Strengthening Collaborative Responses to Combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) in Mining Host Communities,’ Adeyemi outlined the project’s objectives.

It aims to fortify the regulatory framework by advocating for policy reforms and fostering collaboration with stakeholders to enforce protocols for reporting and addressing SGBV.

Adeyemi emphasized the paradox faced by these women, stating, “Paradoxically, these women’s survival is jeopardised by the very industry they turn to.”

Despite the perceived income opportunities, the prevalence of sexual violence is alarming, prompting the urgent need for comprehensive reforms and collaborative efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of female miners in Nasarawa.

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