NCF, Continental Reinsurance Plant 2,000 Trees to Promote Sustainability

Daud Olatunji 

In a significant move to bolster environmental sustainability, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), in collaboration with Continental Reinsurance, has planted 2,000 trees at the Lekki Conservation Centre

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the initiative aims to combat climate change along the Lekki-Epe corridor, 

Speaking at the event,Director-General of NCF,Dr. Joseph Onoja stressed the  importance of the partnership.

 Represented by Mr. Uchenna Achunine at the event. Onoja  stated the relevance of June for nature conservation, stressing  the synergy between NCF and Continental Reinsurance.

Onoja  praised the collaboration, describing it as a robust and supportive relationship vital for achieving significant environmental milestones.

Continental Reinsurance’s ambitious target of planting one million trees across Africa was a focal point during the event. 

He said the commitment was further demonstrated at the 9th CEO Summit in Zimbabwe, where Continental Reinsurance engaged with industry leaders on nature conservation strategies.

According to him, the NCF, Nigeria’s foremost environmental organisation, launched the Green Recovery Nigeria (GRN) project in 2017 with the aim of restoring the country’s forest cover to 25%. 

He added that current estimates place Nigeria’s forest cover between 4% and 8%, highlighting the critical need for such initiatives. 

He explained that the GRN project is a cornerstone of NCF’s efforts to reverse deforestation and promote biodiversity.

Group Executive Director of Continental Reinsurance, Chukwuemeka Akwiwu,expressed the company’s unwavering support for the GRN project.

 He noted that the donation of 2,000 trees is part of their broader commitment to environmental conservation.

 Akwiwu stressed the importance of continuous dialogue on ecological issues, saying that the tree planting symbolises hope and a proactive stance against climate change.

The tree planting event at the Lekki Conservation Centre concluded with a sense of optimism and determination. 


Both NCF and Continental Reinsurance reiterated their dedication to environmental initiatives and fostering collaborations for sustainable impact.

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