NCF Urges Sustainable Practices To Combat Carbon Emissions

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF)has suggested sustainable practices to combat carbon emissions in Nigeria.

Chairman, National Executive Council,Hon. Justice (Mrs.) Bukola Adebiyi, while speaking at the 22nd Chief S.L. Edu Memorial Lecture held in Lagos, highlighted the critical environmental issues requiring immediate attention.

Adebiyi who spoke on the theme “Carbon Credit: Opportunities and Pitfalls,” stressed the importance of individual and collective action in making a positive impact on the environment.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the event underscored the urgency of adopting sustainable practices to address the myriad of environmental challenges facing Nigeria and the broader African continent.

Adebiyi in her welcome address noted the significant reduction in Nigeria’s forest cover from 10% to 6% over the last three decades and the increasing loss of biodiversity due to habitat destruction.

She said “it is important that we pause and reflect on how we can individually and collectively commit to and make a positive impact and difference to these numerous and interrelated environmental issues.”

She called for sustainable practices such as reducing carbon footprints, protecting natural habitats, and phasing out single-use plastics to ensure a healthier planet for future generations.

Guest lecturer Mr. Kevin Juma, Africa Climate Director at The Nature Conservancy, explained the concept of carbon credits and their potential to mitigate climate change.

He said Carbon credits are certificates representing the reduction or avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions, tradable in the carbon market.

Juma emphasized Africa’s vast potential in this market, noting that the continent houses 20% of the world’s forests and extensive savannah lands.

“The opportunities are massive. There are untapped natural resources in this continent,” Juma said.

He highlighted the need for increased awareness and voluntary participation in carbon credit programs to tap into the global market.

Juma also stressed the necessity of developing high-quality projects to realize these opportunities fully.

During his lecture, Juma outlined several strategies for reducing carbon emissions in Nigeria.

He called for a national evaluation and threat assessment as a starting point. He also highlighted the role of NGOs in restoring and conserving natural areas, which can significantly aid in emission reduction.

Dr. Joseph Onoja, NCF Director General, elaborated on Nigeria’s commitment to the Paris Agreement through its nationally determined contributions.

Onoja identified key sectors such as transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture as focal points for emission reduction.

He advocated agroforestry practices and the introduction of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to replace fossil fuel vehicles.

“One of the major ways we citizens can perform our responsibilities is to plant trees,” Onoja emphasized. He urged Nigerians to nurture existing trees and halt deforestation efforts to contribute to environmental conservation.

The NCF continues to lead efforts in conserving nature and its resources, aiming to improve human life quality now and in the future.

Under the leadership of President Izioma Phillip Asiodu, the organization operates with core values of reliability, accountability, excellence, environmental responsiveness, and commitment to conservation.

The NCF is governed by a Board of Trustees and a National Executive Council composed of industry leaders who provide strategic direction.

The memorial lecture, sponsored by Chevron Nigeria Ltd., was well-attended by top environmental experts, government officials, and academic leaders.

The event served as a platform to discuss the critical importance of sustainable practices and the potential of carbon credits in mitigating environmental challenges.

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