NCoS Elevates 5,004 Officers In 2023 Promotional Exercise

Daud Olatunji

In a significant development, the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) has announced the promotion of 5,004 senior officers who successfully participated in the 2023 exercise conducted by the Civil Defence, Corrections, Fire, and Immigration Services Board.

The revelation came to light through a statement issued by Assistant Controller of Corrections and Service Public Relations Officer, Abubakar Umar, on Saturday, December 9, 2023. 

According to Umar, the NCoS Controller General, Haliru Nababa, emphasized the increased responsibilities that accompany promotions and urged the beneficiaries to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Nababa conveyed his expectations for the newly promoted NCoS officers, urging them to embrace the additional tasks with commitment and dedication. 

Additionally, he extended encouragement to those who did not secure a promotion, emphasizing the potential for future opportunities within the organization.

In the latest round of promotions, seven Controllers of Corrections attained the prestigious rank of Assistant Controller General of Corrections, while 35 Deputy Controllers of Corrections were elevated to the rank of Controller of Corrections.

The breakdown of the promotions includes 68 Deputy Controllers of Corrections, 129 Assistant Controllers of Corrections, 426 Chief Superintendents of Corrections, and 650 Superintendents of Corrections. 

Furthermore, 1,048 Deputy Superintendents of Corrections and 2,641 Assistant Superintendents of Corrections saw advancements in their ranks, including those eligible for upgrading and those inadvertently omitted from the initial advancement list.

Highlighting the commitment of the NCoS to both staff welfare and the rehabilitation of inmates in line with global standards, Nababa reiterated the organization’s dedication to continual improvement. 

The comprehensive promotion exercise reflects the NCoS’s ongoing efforts to recognize and reward excellence within its ranks.

As the newly promoted officers embark on their enhanced roles, the NCoS remains focused on its dual mandate of ensuring the well-being of its personnel and fostering an environment conducive to the reformation and rehabilitation of inmates. 

This commitment aligns with internationally accepted norms and standards, reinforcing the NCoS’s position as a key player in the nation’s corrections and rehabilitation landscape.

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