NDLEA Cracks Down On Illicit Pre-Wedding Drug Party In Katsina

In a significant operation, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) successfully intervened to thwart a pre-wedding ceremony drug abuse competition held in the Shola Quarters community of Katsina. 

The clandestine event, organized by groom-to-be Musa Gwandi and his associates, took a dark turn as 25 youths were apprehended while indulging in the consumption of various illicit substances.

Acting on actionable intelligence, NDLEA operatives executed a well-coordinated operation, swiftly descending upon the venue where the participants were engrossed in a dangerous drug-fueled revelry.

 The suspects, aged between late teens and early twenties, were found partaking in a disturbing assortment of illicit substances, including a concoction of multiple drugs mixed in a plastic bucket.

Interestingly, the groom, Musa Gwandi, managed to elude arrest during the operation, as he was not present at the venue when the NDLEA operatives conducted the bust.

However, a determined manhunt ensued, leading to Gwandi’s apprehension on Sunday, December 3.

 It appears that the law enforcement agency spared no effort in ensuring that all individuals involved in organizing and participating in this illicit event faced legal consequences.

The NDLEA has intensified efforts to combat the rising trend of drug abuse among the youth, and this operation serves as a stern warning to those who engage in such activities.

The arrest of Musa Gwandi, despite his absence during the initial raid, underscores the commitment of law enforcement agencies to hold individuals accountable for organizing events that promote drug abuse.

The arrested individuals are now in custody and will face legal proceedings for their involvement in the pre-wedding drug party.

The NDLEA is expected to conduct thorough investigations to ascertain the sources of the illicit substances and determine whether any other individuals were involved in facilitating the event.

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