NEMA Calls For Responsible Land Use To Mitigate Flooding In Anambra State

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has issued a compelling appeal to the Anambra State Government, urging them to reconsider land allocation and building permits along waterways in an effort to mitigate the recurring problem of floods within the state. 

This call to action came to light during a recent visit by the Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Gilbert Ibezim, to the Director-General of NEMA, Mustapha Ahmed, at the agency’s headquarters in Abuja on Friday.

Mr. Ibezim, in his conversation with Director-General Ahmed, expressed deep gratitude for the valuable support that NEMA has consistently provided to Anambra State in managing the escalating impact and threats posed by flooding. 

He stressed the urgent need for continued cooperation and assistance, emphasizing the importance of preemptive measures to tackle the root causes of flooding.

Director-General Mustapha Ahmed responded to the Deputy Governor’s appeal with a promise of resolute commitment from NEMA in addressing the daunting challenges posed by flooding in Anambra State.

 He further assured Mr. Ibezim and the state government that NEMA would actively engage in finding sustainable solutions to the pressing issue.

Ahmed stated, “Your visit to NEMA is a practical demonstration of the dedication to foster a robust collaboration between Anambra State and NEMA in the realm of disaster risk management and the fortification of community resilience.”

As Anambra State grapples with the recurring menace of floods, the call by NEMA for responsible land use and building practices along waterways underscores the urgency of this situation and the need for comprehensive strategies to safeguard the communities at risk. 

The state government now faces the task of reconsidering its land allocation policies, working closely with NEMA to ensure a safer and more resilient future for its residents.

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