NEMA Pledges To Combat Flooding Ahead Of 2024 Rainy Season

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has pledged its commitment to mitigating the potential devastation of flooding in Nigeria as the country braces for the onset of the 2024 rainy season.

In a statement issued by NEMA Director General Zubaida Umar, she emphasized the agency’s proactive approach, which includes deploying early warning alerts aligned with Seasonal Climate Predictions. Public awareness campaigns will also be intensified to educate citizens on preventive measures against flooding and its associated risks.

Umar made these assurances during a courtesy visit by the Head of Office, Nigeria, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, held on Tuesday in Abuja. She underscored the urgency of preparing for the impending rainy season and outlined the steps being taken to address flooding nationwide.

“NEMA is actively developing strategies to mitigate the impact of flooding across Nigeria,” Umar stated. 

“This includes analyzing the Seasonal Climate Prediction data in collaboration with experts to formulate life-saving measures and protect livelihoods during the rainy season.”

Umar also highlighted the significance of collaboration between NEMA and UN-OCHA in enhancing disaster response capabilities.

 She commended UN-OCHA’s commitment to upgrading NEMA’s situation room, which she believes will significantly enhance the agency’s operational effectiveness in coordinating disaster responses.

“The proposed upgrade of the Situation Room will transform it into a Central Command Centre, facilitating strategic decision-making during significant disaster events in Nigeria,” Umar remarked.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trond Jensen, Head of Office, Nigeria, UN-OCHA, stressed the importance of local collaboration in addressing humanitarian crises, particularly in light of declining global humanitarian funding. 

He emphasized the need for innovative solutions to prevent natural disasters and mitigate their impact, urging closer cooperation between NEMA, UN-OCHA, and development partners to ensure a more inclusive response to humanitarian challenges.

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