NERC Calls On Nigerians To Update Prepaid Meters Before November 2024 Deadline


The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has issued a critical advisory to citizens who utilize prepaid meters, urging them to undertake a necessary update before the impending November 2024 deadline.


In a recent announcement made by the regulatory authority, it was conveyed that individuals who do not complete the required meter update before the stipulated date will face a disruption in their ability to recharge their prepaid meters.


The directive, disseminated via a statement shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), explicitly clarified that the process of updating the prepaid meters carries no financial burden for the consumers. Instead, the initiative is aimed at ensuring the smooth functioning of the metering system.


According to NERC’s announcement, Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) are gearing up to facilitate this update process seamlessly. 


In line with this, DisCos will be issuing two complimentary Key Change Tokens (KCTs) per consumer. 


These tokens will serve as the mechanism to conduct the required meter update.


The advisory post shared by NERC succinctly captured the essence of this update campaign. 


“If you have a prepaid meter, it may be time for an update,” the post read, acknowledging the imperative nature of this action.


 It also allayed concerns about potential disruptions to the units in the meter or any alteration in its normal operational pace.


As the November 2024 cutoff date looms closer, NERC’s call for preemptive action underscores the significance of staying current with the evolving metering infrastructure. 


With a promise of simplicity and cost-free service, consumers are now equipped with the necessary information to ensure the seamless continuity of their prepaid electricity services.


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