NGO Steps In As Ogun Rural Villages Grapple With Healthcare Crisis

Ayomide Awe

A Non-Governemtal Organisation, the Adebiyi  Abeeb Foundation has taken free medical treatment to six rural villages in Ogun State whose residents are  facing a dire healthcare situation, with lives lost due to the lack of accessible medical facilities.

The six villages are ; Joga- Orile, Iboro, Sunwa, Iju, Ibeshe  and Imashai in Yewa North of the state benefited Tom the free medical outreach for the residents.

  The founder of the NGO, Adebiyi Habeeb  while speaking during the exercise, lamented  on the alarming health conditions prevalent in these villages during the outreach event held last Saturday.

He  stressed on  how neglect and lack of access to basic healthcare have exacerbated seemingly minor ailments into chronic conditions. 

He said common afflictions such as high blood pressure, typhoid, strokes, eye problems, and malaria are plaguing the residents, reflecting the urgent need for intervention.

“It’s not just about community development; it’s about improving their health outcomes,” Adebiyi stressed, urging the government to equip rural hospitals adequately.

Executive Director Abdulateef  Akinsowon echoed Adebiyi’s sentiments, lamenting the dearth of government amenities in these areas. 

With agriculture as the primary occupation, manual labour takes its toll, leading to bone issues and high blood sugar among the populace. 

Akinsowon criticized the government’s focus on urban areas, leaving rural communities underserved and neglected.


Beneficiary Mrs. Obadina Basirat Omowunmi expressed gratitude for the initiative, highlighting the lack of proper healthcare infrastructure in her community.

 Recounting a tragic incident where a victim lost his life due to the absence of a suitable hospital, she underscored the urgent need for accessible medical care.

One of the  village heads,  Adedigba Odunlami echoed the sentiments, emphasising the critical role of initiatives like these in addressing healthcare disparities. 

While he acknowledged personal vigilance regarding health, he urged support for the less privileged and improvements in local healthcare facilities.

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