Niger Gov Raises Alarm, Says Bandit Onslaught Triggers Mass Exodus Of Farmers”

Niger State Governor Umar Muhammed Bago has raised an alarm that banditry attacks have made a substantial number of farmers to flee their farmlands .

The governor also said that the wave of nefarious activities orchestrated by bandits, cattle rustlers, and illegal miners, among other criminal elements, have cast a shadow of fear over the state.

Governor Bago, expressed his deep concern during a crucial meeting with the Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi.

The meeting, which took place on a fateful Tuesday, saw the governor highlighting the gravity of the situation that has plunged the state into a security turmoil.

Addressing the grim reality, Governor Bago underscored that the farmers bore the brunt of this ongoing crisis.

The pervasive atmosphere of insecurity had cast an ominous shadow, resulting in many farmers abandoning their once-productive lands due to the looming fear of being targeted by the relentless bandit attacks.

It was during this visit that the governor voiced his distress over the worsening security concern, where citizens found themselves at the mercy of criminal elements.

Niger State, often hailed as the “food basket of the country,” holds a significant role in Nigeria’s agricultural landscape.

With its vast landmass and ideal conditions for agriculture, the state has historically played a crucial role in providing sustenance for a large portion of the population.

However, the surging security crisis has disrupted this legacy, leaving the people vulnerable and their livelihoods shattered.

Governor Bago further emphasized the need for swift and decisive action, as the continuous encroachment of banditry and other crimes were eroding the state’s potential to contribute to the nation’s food security.

His call for immediate intervention reverberated across the corridors of power, resonating with the NSCDC’s Commandant General, Dr. Ahmed Abubakar Audi, who pledged to forge an even stronger alliance among security agencies to combat the rising menace.

During their meeting, Dr. Audi reassured Governor Bago of the NSCDC’s unwavering commitment to collaborate seamlessly with other security agencies in the state.

This unified approach aimed to restore a sense of security to the lives of the state’s citizens and rekindle hope for a brighter future.

“We came to witness firsthand the security situation in Niger State and to stand by you in addressing these challenges,” Dr. Audi proclaimed, emphasizing their collective determination to foster a secure environment for the people of Niger State.

As the state grapples with these multifaceted security threats, the urgent need to safeguard the livelihoods of farmers and the state’s vital agricultural sector remains paramount.

Governor Bago’s resolute alarm serves as a clarion call, echoing the urgency for collaborative efforts among security agencies to eliminate the criminal elements that have cast their dark shadow over Niger State’s prospects for prosperity

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