Nigeria Immigration Service Apprehends 112 Individuals in Ogun

61 Illegal Migrants, 51 Accomplices"

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Ogun State Command, has successfully apprehended a total of 112 individuals within the state.

 Among them were 61 illegal migrants, consisting of 60 Cameroonians and one individual from Burkina Faso, who were intercepted in the areas of Ibafo and Sagamu. 

Additionally, the operation resulted in the arrest of 51 Nigerians who were identified as accomplices in these activities.

Bosede Olufunmilayo Olayemisi, the State Controller of the NIS, disclosed this information during the presentation of the suspects at the command’s office in Abeokuta.

She emphasized that these illegal migrants posed a significant threat to national security and, following consultations with their respective countries, would be repatriated to their nations of origin. 

Olayemisi also mentioned that 33 individuals from Togo had previously been arrested and repatriated to their homeland.

In explaining the circumstances surrounding the arrests, Olayemisi noted, “In the course of apprehending them, we also detained the Nigerians who were collaborating with them. We have identified 51 Nigerians who were complicit in their illicit activities within the country.”

She further highlighted that according to Section 65 (1-7) of the NIS Act, these Nigerians could be found guilty of aiding and abetting the illegal entry of foreigners into the country. Consequently, they are subject to penalties, including a fine of N1,000,000 each or a maximum of 10 years’ imprisonment.

Olayemisi concluded by stating, “In total, we have 61 non-Nigerians, comprising Cameroonians, and we are currently in the process of facilitating their repatriation to their respective countries. However, for the Nigerians involved, we believe it is essential to educate them. 

While ignorance is not an excuse under the law, some of them, during our interactions, displayed a lack of awareness regarding the offense they had committed.”

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