Nigeria Immigration Service Marks 60 Years of Achievements

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) celebrated a significant milestone as it commemorated 60 years of remarkable achievements and progress.

The event shed light on the agency’s journey of transformation and highlighted its commitment to innovation and excellence in border management.

With the aim of providing insight into the future trajectory of the NIS, Comptroller Bosede Olayemisi discussed the agency’s impressive rise in global rankings, moving from 96 to 90 in the early days of July.

This improvement underscores the dedication to continuous enhancement, with a strong focus on technological advancements that promise to revolutionize immigration processes.

Olayemisi emphasized the agency’s transition from manual to digital operations and expressed confidence in further developments over the next decade.

She said that in the spirit of commemorating this landmark anniversary, a four-day packed programme of activities was outlined.

These included sensitization campaigns to engage the public on road safety and other vital topics.

The celebrations also featured community interaction sessions, football matches, and engagement with stakeholders from various societal agencies, highlighting the collaborative approach adopted by the NIS.

Despite the notable successes, challenges were not overlooked. In a press conference, Comptroller Olayemisi candidly addressed the scarcity of passport booklets, attributing it to a lack of funding.

She emphasized the need for additional resources to support the agency’s hightech initiatives, including the expansion of offices, passport production, and border management.

Olayemisi spoke on the scarcity of passport booklets, attributing it to funding constraints.

She said that the obstacle, did not overshadow NIS’s unwavering determination to provide efficient services and secure borders.

Olayemisi’s decades of experience across various commands and her notable leadership position as the fifth female Comptroller in Ogun State underscore the agency’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in leadership roles.

Her passionate advocacy for women in leadership highlighted the invaluable contributions women make as effective and ethical leaders, dispelling gender-based stereotypes.

She said that as Nigeria continues to navigate the complexities of border management and migration, the Nigeria Immigration Service remains an indispensable pillar of national security.

She said with a legacy of achievements spanning six decades and a future shaped by technological advancements and cooperative partnerships, NIS is poised to continue its vital role in safeguarding the nation’s borders and fostering secure and orderly migration.


Commenting on the relationship between the NIS and other societal agencies, Olayemisi highlighted the cordial and cooperative nature of their interactions.

Training, information sharing, and collaborative efforts were underscored as essential components of effective border management.

Olayemisi’s extensive experience across multiple commands, including her role as the fifth female commander, exemplifies the agency’s commitment to gender diversity in leadership.

Addressing the perception of women in leadership roles, she emphasized that women are equally capable and result-oriented, dispelling stereotypes and highlighting their positive influence on organizational success.

Regarding the challenges posed by border security, Ogun State’s unique position as a bordering region was acknowledged.

Olayemisi detailed the strategic placement of officers, including Rapid Response Squads and border corps, ensuring effective control and minimizing the potential for unauthorized entry and criminal activities.

The NIS’s approach to border security involves joint task forces and 24-hour patrolling, alongside sensitization efforts to discourage illegal routes.

Olayemisi assured the public that foreign nationals must register with the NIS, contributing to enhanced security and accountability.

As the NIS continues to navigate challenges and progress towards a technologically advanced future, Comptroller Olayemisi assured Ogun State residents and applicants of the agency’s unwavering commitment to their security and well-being. She emphasized the agency’s dedication to efficient service delivery and its role in protecting lives, properties, and the integrity of Ogun State.


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