Nigeria Must Stop Winner-Takes- All Approach-Jonathan Admonishes 

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has  emphasized the urgent need to reevaluate the prevalent “winner-takes-all” approach in politics.

Jonathan who  served  as the Chairman of the lecture at the 87th birthday celebration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo in Abeokuta,asserted  that a president, upon election, should not merely be the leader of their party but the leader of the entire nation.

 He underscored the importance of transcending partisan boundaries to prioritize the collective interests of the diverse population.

Jonathan highlighted access to justice, the quality of elections, and tribalism as formidable obstacles obstructing the path to quality leadership across the African continent.

  Jonathan argued that when a serving president includes members of the opposition in their team, it fosters quality and inclusiveness in governance. 

He urged political leaders to recognize the value of diversity and dissenting opinions, acknowledging that inclusive democracy is a complex concept viewed from various perspectives.

“In Africa, the issue of winner-takes-all is one of the major challenges we face,” remarked Jonathan.

 “This thing about inclusive democracy, we have challenges as well, inclusiveness is so diverse, and people look at it from different perspectives but can we, all of us who have been political leaders, in all honesty, say that we ran an inclusive government in the sense that even people that have different views from you, and if they are found worthy, you can bring them into your government.”

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