Nigeria  Seeks  Enhanced Intelligence Partnership With US To Combat Insecurity

In a bid to tackle the escalating challenges of banditry and terrorism, Nigeria’s Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Bello Muhammed Matawalle, has underscored the necessity for intensified intelligence collaboration with the United States. 

The call came during a pivotal meeting at Ship House, where Matawalle welcomed Jennifer Zakriski, the Assistant Secretary for Defence for African Affairs at the US Department of Defence, along with her team.

Highlighting the imperative for joint efforts, Matawalle emphasized the critical role of intelligence sharing, citing the US’s proficiency in issuing early warnings to its citizens abroad. 

He advocated for a reciprocal exchange of intelligence to preempt terrorist attacks and enhance Nigeria’s security posture.

Echoing the sentiment, the Director of Information at the Ministry of Defence, Henshaw Ogubike, outlined the focal points for collaboration, emphasizing the shared objective of bolstering Nigeria’s security apparatus.

 The discussions delved into strategic avenues for intelligence sharing, laying the groundwork for a robust and enduring partnership.

Matawalle reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to fortifying its alliance with the United States, acknowledging the significance of collaborative endeavours in addressing mutual security concerns. 

He expressed gratitude for the visit, underscoring the pivotal role of cooperation in safeguarding the interests of both nations.

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